We can't keep calm! This can't carry on!
We can't keep calm! This can't carry on!
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We are a social enterprise. We use our profits to fund pollution solutions. We are currently cleaning beaches and planting trees in Morocco.

GOOD NEWS!Our crowdfunding campaign was a success! We are currently working on the book of love stories from around the world and look forward to publishing it. The estimated shipping date will be in September. The stories have been coming in and they are wonderful.

Project Fiasco's Goals

Promote Change - We can't keep calm! This can't carry on! We need change to help our planet.

Propel Education - Education is the key to the survival of our planet. Plants and animals need us all to know more about what they need to flourish and recover.

Provoke Conversations - Our hope is that people continue to have discussions on how to help our planet. Our books put the environment in the minds of the readers. By sparking conversations we will learn a lot from one another.

Pollution Solutions

Currently we are funding IKHAE, a women's organisation in Morocco to plant seedlings. These will then be donated to a foundation in Morocco who will plant the seedlings into the Earth so that they are still around for generations to come.

We are also funding beach cleanup efforts for garbage in Rabat, Morocco. We all share the oceans. One piece of plastic collected from one beach prevents it from ending up on your beach or in your fish dinner!

We have many more initiatives planned. Please watch our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep updated on our next steps. If you have an idea for a pollution solution and would like to share it with us please contact us at info@projectfiasco.com