We can't keep calm! This can't carry on!
We can't keep calm! This can't carry on!
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Are you a charity?

No we are a social enterprise. We sell our products to do good in the world. We use our profits towards funding pollution solutions. We use all the money collected from sales, besides the cost to cover the sale and expenses such as bank charges, transaction costs, processing fees, and taxes, etc., towards pollution solution. 


Are there more books coming out?

There are many more books being written and illustrated as you read this. Please watch our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to hear about when our next book will be released. 


What are you doing to help the environment?

Currently, we are funding Ikhae, a women's organisation in Morocco to plant seedlings. These will then be donated to a foundation in Morocco to be planted into the Earth. 

We were also funding beach cleanup efforts in Rabat, Morocco. We all share the oceans. One piece of plastic collected from one beach prevents it from ending up on your beach or in your fish dinner! Beach cleanups will continue once it is safe to do so. Stay safe, Stay healthy.

We have many more initiatives. Please watch our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep updated on our next steps. If you have an idea for a pollution solution please and would like to share it with us please contact us at info@projectfiasco.com.


Are the pollution solutions being done by volunteers?

No we pay for the environmental initiatives to be done. We use our profits to provide jobs that have a beneficial outcome for the environment. We are very proud to fund initiatives that provides people with a source of income.


Why am I being billed in Austrian Dollars?

Project Fiasco is an Australian company. You are billed in Australian Dollars and the exchange rate is determined by your bank. We do have an app to convert the price into other currencies as a guide, but this rate may not match your bank's rate. The amount you are billed at may vary slightly. Bank rates continuously fluctuate during the day this also causes prices in your currency to vary. 


If you have anymore questions we would love to hear from you at info@projectfiasco.com.