We can't keep calm! This can't carry on!
We can't keep calm! This can't carry on!
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Learning Resources

 One of our goals at Project Fiasco is to propel education. We hope these activities and questions are useful to teachers and parents. If you have ideas for activities we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at info@projectfiasco.com with your suggestions. 


General Questions about the Environment

  • Why do you think people are saying we are in a Climate Emergency?
  • Who controls what happens towards the environment?
  • What do you think will happen if the world continues to act the same way as we do now towards the environment?
  • Name 3 things you can do to help the environment. 
  • Name 3 things you do that harms the environment. 
  • Why is talking about the environment important?
  • How can we make governments and businesses listen to us?


Princess Garbage Book #1 Questions

  • Why do you feel she is wearing a mask?
  • Why do you think she wants to clean the streets?
  • What did Adam do wrong? What would have been a better choice?
  • Why didn't she tell her parents she was cleaning when she saw Prince Adam throw the bottle out of the window?
  • Who does the Princess miss?
  • How does no one recognize the Princess while she is cleaning?
  • Why do you think the book called Princess Garbage?


Princess Garbage Printable Worksheets (click on image to open PDF)

  • A classic assignment...a book review. I would love to see what your students think about the book. If you have time scan one or all of them and send me an email. I most certainly will reply! -Cynthia                         


  • The Climate Emergency is scary to think about. Ask your students to discuss their feelings about the situation. It is open ended so it does not have to be specifically about the environment. It is always good to share feelings. This PDF is two pages.                       


  • What can't this postcard template be used for? So many options...

   Postcard PNG

  • Children are so creative and thoughtful. Have them come up with ways to help the Earth or show what they have been doing to help.

       How You Can Help    


  • I admit you there can be overkill on a theme but I was having so much fun making worksheets I could not stop. 

     Fun With Trees             


  • A great way to start a Unit....reading Princess Garbage and a KWL chart. My favourite part is always watching the students complete the L section at the end of the topic. 





    Princess Garbage Activities

    • Compare Adam and the Princess using a chart or Venn diagram. (Book 1)
    • Design a mask you would wear if you were the Princess. 
    • Predict what will happen in the next Princess Garbage book called A Wish.
    • Retell the story. 
    • Act out Princess Garbage. 
    • Pretend the story was a play. Write the script. 
    • Write a letter to one of the characters in the story. 
    • Create a most wanted poster for a character in the story. Draw a picture of the character and explain why they are most wanted. 
    • Design a new dress or T-shirt for the Princess. Each item you include on the clothing item should have some significance. Explain your design and symbols. 
    • Write a personal or class letter to the author. Send the letter or photo/scan of the letter to cynthia.weeks@projectfiasco.com. Wait for a reply. 
    • Imagine you are the Princess. What would you do to help the world?