We can't keep calm! This can't carry on!
We can't keep calm! This can't carry on!
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Pollution Solutions

We are excited to fund these projects. By purchasing one of our products you can help these initiatives continue.

In Morocco, we are working with, Ikhae, a women's organisation in Rabat, to grow seedlings. Once the seedlings are mature enough to be planted into the ground, they will then be donated to a foundation in Morocco who will plant them into the earth. Ikhae is also providing educational classes about the environment to women in the area.  

Here are some pictures of Mina, from Ikhae, perfecting the procedure before the seeds are planted on a larger scale. 
First the seeds are sprouted. It will be a long while before we can donate them to be planted but we are patient.
Project Fiasco is proud that it is not only helping the environment but also providing jobs. 
She is using found materials around her neighborhood to plant the seeds in. By reusing materials this cuts down on the waste created.
We have been researching the best containers to plant in. Biodegradable bags just seem to breakdown into smaller pieces. Thoughts? Contact us with your opinions/suggestions.

A momentous occasion. The video below shows one of the first sprouted seeds that was planted. The majority of the seeds we are sprouting are fruit and nut trees. These will provide an income and source of food. The people who will plant the seedlings will be shown how to best care for the trees. A tree providing food is also a way to prevent it from being cut down for fuel sometimes in the future. 

We are also funding beach clean-up efforts in Rabat, Morocco. We all share the oceans. One piece of plastic collected from one beach prevents it from ending up on your beach or in your fish dinner! 




We have many more initiatives planned. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep updated on our next steps. If you have an idea for a Pollution Solution and would like to share it with us please contact us at info@projectfiasco.com.